Yeh duniyaan ek kahaani rejani 

~this world will remain but a story~

We view the surface when 

Troubled waters still sing unheard, unseen 

Tickling the belly of the beasts

Who would rather chew us and spit us 

~there is no care for the masses~

We are never questioning, beckoning 

For provocation 

We are remaining content 

We are prolonging a cycle 

We are casting our nets 

For personal profits 

Tossing and turning 

Nurturing bad habits

Forever gambling 

Self health, self awareness 

For wider reaches 

For chunks of liability 

That will not remain ours

That was never ours 

The tides are coming. The tides are coming. 

Let’s unsettle the waters, let’s dictate this wave

To wash our blind eyes, uncover the lies 

To recover the time, to recover the day

And to make this a story deserved to be read. 


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