Kavita Kler.
BSc (Hons) Psychology. Currently a Business Support Officer working in Interpreting and Translations.
Aspiring Writer;
(public or private, I simply need to be writing.).

Kavita = “a poem” 

When I learned the meaning of my name, I could not help but wonder whether the urge and natural flow of writing, (which has been a constant in my life for many, many years) was a simple coincidence. Or whether there was a higher power in play, attributing to some form of cause/effect relationship that led me to my untimely realisation that yes, writing will be my calling.

However, fearing the monotony and critique of the educational system would turn my passion for writing into nothing more than a mindless chore, I ran away from writing courses. “I can’t allow writing to become a chore, I simply can’t and I won’t ! I refuse to.”

I have come to WordPress to display my works, some of which date back many years. I have recently emerged from a degree-induced writer’s block and am slowly trying to revert back to the confident writer I once was. Please feel free to leave any comments, feedback or, in time, requests.

*A polite notice also that all the images that you will view within my blog are taken by myself and are mine alone.*